I dare you to look into yourself!.
When it comes to fine art I don't really go after what people want to see. I paint seductive journeys into the unknown. I illustrate what you can't help but see.
The Fine Art of Peter Bogdanov
Artist Statement
I have a unique ability to read emotion and to fly forward boldly. To me art is the medium. Life is my canvas. Talent has no boundaries.
Prolific and Gifted, I am an Artist with a capital "A." Vulnerable. Brave. Addicted to life. Here to inspire.
Peter Bogdanov
Peter Bogdanov

I love to work with clients on new paintings and illustrations. I am a well versed illustrator and fine artist who simply loves to inspire.
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FlowersMy Latest Inspiration

As a tattoo artist I have illustrated hundreds of flowers. As a painter I am finding flowers to be my latest joy. I hope my work inspires you.
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Much of my work is done live in front of an audience. As a performer, I have combined my music with painting and I just love to do that in front of a crowd.
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I BelieveDo you believe?

I believe that art has the power to make change in the world. If you also have this belief, I hope we can work together on meaningful paintings for that purpose.
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Original Canvas & Prints Available
If you would like to purchase a painting or commission a new piece of art please reach out today.
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