Legend Ink
The tattooing of Peter Bogdanov







Always chasing my own legacy!
I have been tattooing since 1993. I am dedicated to passion in everything I do. I design art on and off skin for broad range of customers.
  • Peacock

    Custom Color

  • Diver

    Color Realism

  • Wolves

    My Work Around Old Tribal

  • Tiger

    Black & Gray

  • The Eye

    Cover Up Project

  • Jade Ivy

    Scar Cover Up

  • The Flowers

    Bold Color

  • 3D Nipples

    ParaMedical Tattooing

  • Scissors

    Fine Art Duplication

  • Flying Bird

    Photo Color Realism

  • Tigers

    Scar Covering

  • Indian

    Covers Up Lettering

  • Lizards

    Severe Burn Scar Covering

  • Butterfly

    Severe Scar Covering

  • Eye DNA


  • Flowers

    Flower Collage

  • Ferns

    Difficult Cover Up

  • Diver

    Opaque Grays with Black

  • Hula Dancer

    Highly Detailed

  • Kids Names

    Unique Ideas

  • Orchids

    Skin Scar Covering

  • Thistle

    Custom Flowers

  • The Lock

    Tattoo For My Son

  • Outer Space


  • Orchids

    My Daughters Tattoo

  • Go Fishing

    Realistic Color

  • Large Scale

    Body Suit

  • Old Ford

    Black & Gray With a Touch of Color

  • Snake

    Illustraive Color

  • Eye Fish

    Freestyle Eye Fish

  • Peacock

    Full Body - Mixed Color & B/W

  • Texas Roots

    Illustrative Color

  • Screaming Faces

    Full Sleeve

If you would like to get a tattoo with me, let me know.
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