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Peter has been painting murals sense we first opened business back in 1993. Our work has been in museums and private homes. When it comes to the design and painting of a mural there is no better option available then right here. We inspire.

Take a look around our mural page. You will see murals done dating back to 1993 to present day. All of our murals are one off custom paintings. They cost far less than you might imagine. We dare you to compare painting your walls white versus getting a full blown image. We bet our prices will blow your mind. Mural projects start as low as $1,600 and range in price from there.

We are dedicated to one-of-a-kind master pieces, only every time!

Mural Options

  • Interior Walls
  • Exterior Walls
  • Painted Floor Murals
  • Large Scale
  • Small Murals
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Murals That Touch Your Soul

Peter Bogdanov
We make getting a mural easy!

Our family has been painting for decades. We work with our clients to relaize their vision in our first meetings. Peter Bogdanov then utilizes computer graphics to rapidly layout your design options. Our team then preps all surfaces before we jump in and paint. At the close of each mural we suggest a UV Clear Coat.

We bet our customers we can paint a mural in the same time and cost a normal paint company would charge to paint the wall a single color. In most cases we can go from start to finish on a mural in as little as a few days.

Why choose us

  • Beautiful Artwork
  • Super Fast Turn Around
  • Family Business
  • Price vs Normal Painters = Same
  • Our Murals Move You
  • Unique Ideas
  • Imagination For Days
  • Fun To Work With
  • Our Murals Last

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